All the worlds a stage

While i was driving on El Camino toward Roger Reynold’s Nursery, wondering why there was so much traffic at 9 am. I saw this license plate:
of course instantly, i was wishing i had the camera with me!
I can’t tell you the car brand but it was an AH HA moment….it was this instant reminder this was an opportunity to have a quieter start to the busy morning ahead, on a warmer than usual morning, with our temperatures higher and more exhausting physically. Today’s intended tasks were for choosing flowers for my last container before my client returns. As well 4 other clients that I have spaces to fill in their existing gardens in the coming weeks ahead.

I was excited and eager for this destination. I typically move fast, and drive safely yet fairly fast and don’t like to waste the time in the car. Yet this license plate said so much. It spoke volumes indeed. It smacked me right on top of the head and square between my eyes.

It provoked this awareness inside of me that I am right where i need to be. I don’t have to rush or be in a hurry. Learning patience is hard for me. Yet when i paused and really absorbed what this car message was about – it struck me how this was a precious present right in front of me.
When i arrived at the nursery I intentionally slowed my usual pace down and said Hello to the friendly staff. One of the staff stopped me to share how the employee table is looking empty this week, since I did not work on Monday and bring my usual vase of flowers to adorn the table for hte week. Mica sheepishly shares she has put the vases in my locker and looks forward to next Monday’s weekly bouquet. Silently I wished I had remembered to bring new flowers today.

As I enjoyed taking just a little longer approach to the plant selection perusing there the available gems just patiently sitting on the tables and shelves. This nursery is one we all frequent because we are aware they stock the more unique and unusual than all around town. Of course today was not different, I found some incredible unique and interesting ones to plant for these 5 clients. My energy was already improved as i imagined their new homes.
At one point, some random customer walking past me, stopped and complimented the plants on my wagon. He paused with a clear message and stopped to see what I had on this wagon and admired these right then even though he was clearly at Roger Reynolds himself to find some plants for his morning job. He listened, he asked where i found one Mexican Petunia by Monrovia – which I shared where and what was going to which clients, plant by plant. As I continued and showed him the plants for the last container for this morning. This last container that will tie in the rest of the plantings I have already planted there working diligently this last month while the clients are in Santa Barbara.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Basically, I work alone. It is really only at the nurseries where I actually talk to people. Often other customers are asking me questions assuming I work at this nursery. I usually find an employee but it is always fun to hand out my card or a quick suggestion if I see an obvious solution or better combination to recommend fast.

My blessings are many and one that means the most to me is most of my clients are content to have me do what i do as they live their busy days bzzzing around thru their days. And eagerly await what i will create in their spaces.

It really was a magical morning that began with the bees buzzing at breakfast. The day was magical as it truly felt like divine order was working here. When i am calm and quiet, I see the good that fills my life. Patience is a gift I share as I transform any space where I am.

As Keith’s yoga instruction morning message today began another new day divinely speaking the lessons in order:
All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.
As You Like It Act 2, scene 7, 139–143

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