Got Windows!

What Do You Want To See When You Look Out Your Window

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This Los Altos Atrium is in the center of these client’s condominium.
It is surrounded on 3 sides by sliding glass doors and is quite the focal point of this interior open floor plan with very few walls inside – keeping it nicely quite open and spacious feeling throughout the residence.

Part Shade loving plants are filling, spilling and thrilling in these 4 new planters.

Container Plantings:
#1 – Flowering Kale w/ Dracaena

#2 – ‘Kent Beauty’ Oregano w/ Phormium ‘Jester’

#3 – Azalea w/ Angel Vine

#4 – Shooting Star Hydrangea, Maid Fern, ivy, Equisetum hyemale

Planted between the stepping stones and medium sized rocks directly into the ground:

Transplanted Japanese Maple from client’s previous home
Flowering Kale
Carex pansa
Phormium ‘ Lil Jester

Ground cover – Baby Tears


Got Windows!

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