2013 Year in Review!

This has been an abundant year of gardening!
Planting in 25 gardens;


Kim Happy Planting Day!

Kim Happy Planting Day!

From Palo Alto to Menlo Park, Los Altos, Redwood City,  Sunnyvale
Traveled as far away as Pleasanton & Hillsborough

16 on-going seasonal update clients & 9 new clients!

Each project is always unique to the spaces and clients that employ me.

As I tackle only one project at a time, I completely focus my creative energy in one garden and keep the customer service philosophy to the fullest to complete projects in timely manner.

Hi Kim,
I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to be able to share this whole metamorphosis of my yard with you.  Aside from the fact that in my garden I feel so close to my Creator, it has such a calming and inspiring effect on me and that is worth everything to me in this rat race we call life.  Thank you for your vision, creativity, enthusiasm and mostly your love of nature.  So many people don’t take the time to look at, let alone enjoy, nature and her intricacies and you certainly do— I appreciate that totally.  Also– my fountain kicks ass!Jay-  Mountain View

Fountain & Front Entrance View

Fountain & Front Entrance View

“Everything is planted.  Can’t wait to see it grow .  Lots of interesting and unusual plants.  Fun to see new varieties.  Thanks for directing this project to its completion.  It’s been fun working through it all.

Take care and continue to enjoy making more magical gardens!!”   Lori- Menlo Park

Entrance to Lori’s:

Lori's Entrance

Lori’s Entrance

It is rewarding to reflect back through the names of clients I was privileged to meet and work with, and I feel so proud of the seasons that I have been a part of creating.

Dear Kim,
I want you to know that I enjoy what you created every single day.  Our backyard was so sad for so long, and now it lives!  And Rick is very happy with it too.

All the best,  Josie  — Palo Alto

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There is never too small a space to transform, small but significant, big and far-reaching and lots of incredible memories I experienced along the way.

Unique Planting Combinations Large or Small Spaces:

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“Dear Kim,

We came home this afternoon to a simply glorious garden/pots/driveway thanks to you and your elves!!!

A thousand thank you’s!” Paula – Palo Alto

Paula, Palo Alto

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I say a huge “Thank You to all my clients in 2013 for a wonderful year beginning, middle and end.

Exciting New Projects to look forward to 2014

Here’s to Good Gardening & Fabulous 2014!

Kim Perlmutter

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2 Responses to 2013 Year in Review!

  1. nancy kaplan says:

    Looks like you made 2013 more beautiful for a lot of folks!

    • Kim says:

      Thank you Nancy! Did not blog enuf this last year. Any one of the 9 new projects or any of the 25 are so fun to transform and see the small and short term changes and know the longterm seasonal changes. My goal for 2014 is to do more consistent posting here on wordpress blog site!

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