Lawn Goodbye #2 2014

May 2014 This client hired us last year to come and design with plant material to the perimeter of her then existing grass backyard. Accomplished bringing the year round interest in her small but beautiful backyard.



View From Master Door“It is so wonderful that even after the most stressful, challenging day at work, I can come home, open the door in my bedroom, step outside and enjoy my beautiful “hidden” garden. It brings me joy and peace every single day. I feel blessed and lucky.” – Gloria F.

This February we returned to remove the lawn and pick up where we left off to create an outdoor living space for dining addition. Started with the clients first ever purchase of a table for 6 dining set.

Next a relaxing component with addition of the firepit and repurposing the existing living room furniture creating many reasons to be outside in this cozy inviting oasis.

What began with initially starting conversation with opening the Master Bedroom View creating light and immediate expansion and flow with a sliding door and spacious stairs to the new patio destination.

Master Bedroom Original Windows

Small Windows

Small Windows

A fountain, perimeter paver lights, uplights and planting lights add ambiance in evening hours.

Original Patio Area

Original Patio Area

Custom Ordered Arbor Lighting:a stunning and functional for the dining area feature. Also with a trickier designer challenge gratefully was solved with this special made to order design using the same concept as uplights for this wet mount fixture. Cool how 110 lighting provide option on dimmer switch for clients mood control.

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