Oriental Natives Join Turf

New Plantings

New Plantings in Backyard Join Turf

This recently completed project began with my client having moved to N. CA to be closer to her family after many years of living in So. CA. Faced with a very different climate there, mindful of the drought reality here – she contacted me to help create an inviting space to enjoy every day!

What began with:
“Small lot: most pressing problem is black bamboo. Concurrent or after resolution of bamboo problem, plants for pots, vines for arbor, covering along fence and plants for front of house. Kim accomplished all that while complying with my “I don’t like/want” preferences, with the general theme (oriental) of my existing landscape and with my budget.”

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This homeowner has a new found purpose for enjoying the property she calls home! The existing fountain in courtyard is now frequented regularly by hummingbirds. This entire property beautification needs have been embellished in an existing artificial turf meeting Native plants in soothing color combination.

A welcome bonus for removing the retired hot tub, relocating existing colorful containers for more desirable viewing from interior vistas, replanted interestingly in harmony with new perennial additions and fun surprises.

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This welcoming entrance with iron gates leading to a courtyard destination; adding new configurations in backyard now with conversational seating sensibly shaded with privacy screen shrubs and Asian style plants.
Successfully creating a harmonious and pleasing where ever one looks or seems to land themselves; one enjoys meandering around this perimeter on foot or seated now anytime of day.

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Already looks like it has always been here!

Drought tolerant Perennial Plantings & Containers on Drip irrigation a bonus.
Plants are neighbor friendly and low maintenance

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