Lawn Goodbye: Urban-Suburban-Chic Backyard Destination

Side Garden with Arbor

Side Garden with Arbor

This recently completed project began with Tracy, my client who had a beautiful interior home and now wished to continue the vision to add living space in our mild climate and her frequent lifestyle entertaining guests.  She contacted me in October, requesting our moving quickly to increase outdoor living room spaces for upcoming holiday season. Both mindful of the drought reality here – she contacted me to help create an inviting space to enjoy every day, she just didn’t realize that was going to happen so fast!

What began with:

“Small lot: Underutilized back area since moved into home many years ago. Concrete doesn’t match personality. Add beauty to match indoors. Add a new arbor for privacy, year round interest & vines for color complimenting existing fence planting from neighbors covering along fence and embellish a few plants for front of house. Kim accomplished all that while complying with my “I don’t like/want” preferences, with the general theme  (Urban chic/modern/hip) of my existing landscape and with my budget.”

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It was requested for a new backyard inviting space, to compliment with the interior. We mutually chose while shopping & selecting on plants, materials & new pots. Made selections plus gaining an education on what, where and why a plant was suitable. Incorporating amazing objects re-purposed in new interesting ways, adding a few more complimentary objects, magic of wood stain, perennial plantings for entire perimeter. New colorful succulent pots. Replanting stunning heirloom roses in the front of the house all on a small lot that has a lot of destinations for many seasons to come!
Makes me smile her teenage son thinks this new space is a perfect new hangout for him to have his friends over too!
We say Hello to these beautiful new drought tolerant perennial spaces in San Carlos, CA


“Working with Kim was an amazing process. I had some ideas, but she “read” me and my family in such a creative way. She lead me to plants, design elements, and space configurations I could never imagine. We ended up with an urban-suburban-chic backyard and patio. Friends call it the Zen garden.”

Tracy, San Carlos, CA

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