Graduation Party Ripples Cozy Nook Day & Night

Cozy Corner Day & Night

Cozy Corner Day & Night

There is No Place Like Home!

Addition of The Fountain adds peaceful sounds to hear from inside or when in the new nook. Also drowns out the noticeable traffic passing day and night.

Typically Do-It-Themselves client residing for over 10 years living in San Carlos,CA
Initial project began in April when I was contacted by this fabulous realtor, shares hectic pace while working mega hours for her clients

Stay-cation for Star gazing, chit chats.

Stay-cation for
Star gazing, chit chats.

Dedicated and devoted wife and mother to her husband and senior in high school preparing to graduate and leave for college in the fall. Goal now is trying to fit in her own family needs for preparing and creating a backyard space to use for a large celebration planned for their daughter’s high school graduation party with family and friends happening in June 2015. We discuss the party scope, but I am already thinking how this will be a very inviting space for many years to come.

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This is when the fun begins for me!

DSCN3332 DSCN3335

Idyllic for my “No space Too Small To Transform” motto
The beautiful addition with Terra Cotta tiling on this never before utilized side patio off the living room are now the place they seem to be spending more time enjoying when home than indoors!

Stay-cation for Solitude,
Card playing
Television watching by turning the tv around to face the patio!
Star gazing, and family time chit chats or small gatherings.

A selection for wonderful inviting destinations–


Casual conversations & Dart Board Fun!


DSCN3347 DSCN3348There is no place like home!



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