Lawn Goodbye: Hello Roses & Edibles

“Kim brought my dream garden to life, only better. Her knowledge of plants and her artistry and intuition worked magic on a previously overgrown and water guzzling landscape. Every vista is beautiful.”

Plenty of Beauty & Plenty of Bounty!

This is re-purposing and beautification of an established property in multiple areas on site in Palo Alto, CA.
The  project began with a request to remove grass in front and back yard and allow Karin to grow more edibles protected from local gophers preying on her yummy edibles and wreaking havoc with successful crop yield.

Space #1 Front of Home remove grass and reduce overgrown plantings.

Space #2 Courtyard remove excessive ground cover and ivy and replant with more perennial plantings.

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Space #3 Backyard: Lawn Goodbye:

Add Fruit Trees & Raised Vegetable and Herb Custom Height & Sized Boxes.

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Plus adding new border perennials on both sides  with year round seasonal interest and stunning  vistas from the second floor views to backyard.

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