Quaint Gains Dramatic Curb Appeal for Neighborhood & Much More!

DSCN4656Summer 2016:Perennial Gardens Meet Outdoor Living & Farming For This Homeowner

The time has come with the interior fully updated, to focus on the exterior.

No space left behind here on this exterior makeover in Menlo Park!

Front, Backyard & Side Yards- Each Low water, Each Low Maintenance, Perennial based drought tolerant curb appeal and inviting for their friends and family to relax and enjoy these hand crafted consciously prepared cooked meals alfresco dining.

Request by client for me to create more distinct vistas from interior window views while practicality outside adding privacy from neighbors on 3 separate sides.

Factoring into planting design color scheme and plant selections is their clear message for minimalist their preferred style.

Creatively Adding Old World charming water feature fountain is soothing just looking at it. The colorful plantings by day and relaxing sounds are effective. In the evening, with blue and red colored low voltage lighting changing the tone and mood in subtle yet soothing complimenting plantings nearby. Subtle and stunning.

Additionally the crew updated new uses of a large underutilized backyard long ago was all grass and trees.

Welcome Home For Many Seasons to Come Home For Generations to Come


Perennial Gardens Meet Outdoor Living!

Outdoor Farm & BBQ Area Updated Combining Storage

Fire pit Area in progress. Gas line installed and adding the Fire pit when homeowner is ready.DSCN4633

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