Container Additions Right at Home!

“Eye of The Day” Large Rectangular ‘Delos’ containers were added recently;brought on site to add impact, structure and curb appeal interest for the visible front entrance to update an established, overgrown, and now out of proportion to walkway with an existing boxwood border encroaching on the narrow brick path.

A Win Win when combined with interior views peering out each of the 4 windows from living room and dining room vistas, with the beautiful seasonal flowers at window level peering from both directions.

The actual pattern on these Georgian style-home entrance pillars of this Inviting Spaces By Kim ongoing clients are complimenting the pattern using the ‘Delos’ containers.  Very complimentary in combining the pattern on each pillar, replicating with the pillars and the ‘Delos’ containers.

Their juxtaposition fits in such now looking right at home img_4108as if always been here.

Here shall these ‘Delos’ containers remain aesthetically stunning for so many seasons to come!

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