In A Client’s Own Words: What This Garden Means to Anne

DSC00043Hi Kim,
“I love being in the garden you were so instrumental in creating. It is a place I can go when I really need to lose myself and relax. Then, unknowingly, I find various plants and flowers vying for my attention. Deadheading suddenly brings not only encouragement to me in suddenly having a visual reward, but I can see it has encouraged the attention-seeking plant as well – thus, unanticipated appears right before my eyes to glow and become more beautiful!

An early morning walk through my garden has become a stolen guilty pleasure even when other issues are beckoning. And, yet, somehow it is therapy for me and feeds my soul. It allows me to “take on my day” dealing with issues and problems with more calmness and composure than I otherwise would.

It was during one of these early morning moments that one of my neighbors, walking his dog, stopped by to comment on what a transformation had taken place. He said he absolutely loved walking by during the process, seeing the progress, and eventually the near-finished product. He asked if he could come by later and ask for the names and numbers of those who helped accomplish it. I told him I always enjoy sharing the contacts of those I can heartedly recommend and, of course, your name will be at the top of the list.

This morning, just as I was walking to my car, my next door neighbor came over to tell me what a great job we had done and that they absolutely love it. This being the same neighbor who was horrified when I had earlier told him I was planning to stain the fences and trellises a charcoal gray. I remember him saying, “No, not that beautiful wood!”

Thank you so much for all your input, your design, the trips to the nurseries to choose the plants that “spoke to us” and allowing the magic to happen!

With a big hug and lots of love,

Anne King
Keller Williams Realty

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