Lawn Goodbye 2019: We’ve Got Palms! Frequent Visitors & Low Maintenance

Lawn Goodbye 2019: We’ve Got Palms! Frequent Visitors & Low Maintenance

“Kim transformed our front yard from a drought disaster to a beautifully designed area complimenting our palm trees. Loving the view from the kitchen window, of our beautiful redwood fence and the plants and flowers that Kim chose for our flower beds. So happy with the way everything looks!”

Thank you Kim for your design expertise and plant knowledge.

R & M, Menlo Park, CA

This home’s location is in a Well-Traveled Menlo Park neighborhood with Frequent Visitors
A stunning dramatic feature here!
Two Established Majestic Palm Trees over 40 feet tall each!FrontDSC00331

These 2 Palm trees were a significant reason & loved from the very first time my clients purchased their home since 1983.
The front was shrouded by this established oversized Juniper Hedge. According to them, this hedge had been there since they purchased the home, likely a long time established with the prior owners! With my clients goals communicated to primarily add a functional barrier for the property, as well create a path for the weekly trash cans, all the while adding curb appeal for this well-traveled neighborhood with frequent on foot visitors.

The front former grass had too much competition due to the 2 magnificent Palm Trees.
Artificial Turf was a beautiful, practical solution maintaining the green grass effect while low water and low maintenance.

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The perimeter plantings planted intentionally for year round interest and kitchen window vista while Rose is often busy washing dishes at the sink which looks out onto the street.
Brightly blooming plants and flowers in waves of reds, yellows, chartreuse, white and purple from every vista;
all the while attracting butterflies, hummingbirds and local birds to snack on the nectar of these hand selected plants and blooms.
Throughout the day these clients are greeted with visitors stopping over during their daily dog walks. All in all, this quiet Menlo Park neighborhood has these homeowners enjoying a busy driveway and an inviting space with curb appeal on a regular basis.
A welcoming open garage that functions as this retired client’s work room and shop for his actually making knives, or friends of his admiring the gorgeous 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe!


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