Gunn High School

The Acorn Lounge

The students named this actually The Acorn Lounge because of the majestic old oak tree in the center of this space.

The Acorn Lounge started with Meg, an individual having an idea, with a clear purpose and  vision to create a new Reading Garden at your school – she was new to the district and never knew about one of the nearby PAUSD schools. Then by putting it out there to ask for what she needs help with – I call it putting it out into the universe.

Then magically, and collectively, one person at a time – the idea one starts with, begins to unfold,  to actualize, to materialize, to become a reality because with clear intentions, one idea can collectively unfold if we work together and collectively create the dream.

Before photo

Before photo

The New Acorn Lounge

The New Acorn Lounge

Before Photos

Before Morgan's murals . . .

. . . are added to the fences (see below).

Morgan Bricca, Muralist

Morgan Bricca, Muralist

Morgan Bricca, Muralist

Morgan Bricca is a local muralist I have known since 2004. We met at a Barron Park play group and the rest as they say is all how timing and the stuff history is written about. We have personally been blessed by Morgan’s artistic talents in our own home. Morgan in my opinion is a magician with a paint brush. Her paint brush is a magic wand. She is beyond talented as you can see  taking any space and transforming it with visual impact and WOW! Her journey inspires me how painting was not her first career but something she realized after working in tech did not make her heart sing. Morgan picked up a brush and the rest is proof how lucky you are if you find and figure out and ultimately get to daily do what you love…

To the Students:

This space is for you! I hope you will find it peaceful, inviting and special to come to when time permits or enjoy passing thru during your busy schedules. It is for you to enjoy! It is really like a backyard to someone’s home since the only way you can be in the space is when school is in session.

As I walked down life’s path I found that many experiences and people I met taught me life lessons. Everyone’s life is a journey. You are now beginning to search, looking around as subjects fascinate and click inside of you. Destiny is unknown and still a mystery. As you are tested daily to handle the pressures and angst of living each new day.

My advice to you —Patience, discipline and life lessons are taught to you, handed to you if you will – if you have a willingness to let time and life move forward at your own pace, without losing sight of your destination. When there’s no rush, no hurry, out goes anxiety, in comes peace of mind as you find your path and thru learning and maturing. Time is precious guiding to see what you are good at and enjoy focusing on each day. Watch how the blessings unfold.

After the Renovation Photos

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