“Now We Are Out Here Every Chance We Get!”


This Foster City backyard began 18 months ago.

See how the plants are establishing and filling in the way intended:

The way I approach any design project is that I let the space speak as I listen to the clients responses to my initial questions. The subtle nuances in expressing how I place a couple of chairs and the destinations are almost subliminal the way when the plants are planted, the furniture is added, all these tangibles combine the well-ordered interest inherent comfortable and magically.

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When I return to visit and meet with my clients who have lived in these Inviting Spaces By Kim designs, it is music to my ears each and every time when they share their stories. How they are spending a lot more of their time when home in their backyards than they ever imagined feasible or reality. When added guests are invited or family are in town, now they are all gravitating to be outside and sit in all these outdoor rooms!

I have created with subtle textures mingled, cheerful all year round interest in all of my designs then visually so interesting from every angle in these spaces thanks to the magic of time and Mother Nature’s help!

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