Who I AM

I feel passion when hired by people to extend their living spaces to their outdoor spaces. Arriving at this dirt canvas with my enthusiasm, creativity, high energy, and an eye for less obvious significant details. I just intuitively know (and repeatedly hear) how the homeowners residing with newly created dirt canvases are lured to their outdoor gardens unlike ever before. I feel more excitement when I walk upon an “underutilized outdoor space.” knowing what is about to unfold and transpire. I am most at home when creating with my favorite medium – a dirt canvas. When I apply the paint upon these canvases with unique, seasonal plantings, I know sooner than later magic will engage the viewer with seasonal, year-round newly found garden enticement.
Time after time again, I feel anticipation and sheer delight to be able to manifest this landscaping for the garden-owners, who wonder why they waited so long.

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Lawn Goodbye: Hello Putting Green

Our backyard is now the perfect place to entertain, dine, relax and play!” – John & JulieDSC00066

This 2017 Project begins with a wonderful Palo Alto family of four wanted to get more use of their backyard.  Their existing backyard had served its purpose for many years when their children were young. Now their children in college, it was underused and in desperate need of an update.

Having lived in their home for 19 years, my clients communicated clearly with goals to take advantage of the reason they moved to Palo Alto in the first place.  Both desire spending more time for themselves enjoying our year round climate in Northern California. By initially addressing the specific request to decrease the water usage and the accompanying utility bills, objective for addition of a fire pit to the existing spa destination; both sharing their spaces for also a new destination of the turf for the husband, and avid golfer. John had always wanted to practice in his own backyard.  Viola! The perfect place to entertain, dine, relax and play!


A very comfortable, attractive and inviting new outdoor living room has been created!

Welcome Home!

Providing a looks-like-it-was-always here!
Dining table relocated closer to the new fire pit area.
Chaise lounges relocated where the dining table once resided.
Hammock awaiting nestled under established bougainvillea

Night Time Ambiance!

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After the Rains February 2017

This month has been more rainy days, than sunny days…

We all are uplifted as we welcome the blue skies today!

First stop to visit existing clients gardens…

Lady statue seems to understand the Magnolia tree above in spectacular bloom right now is worth pausing to look up and take notice under this gorgeous blue skies.


And on to the next house…

Tulips and Daffodils are smiling to greet cheerfully with bright shining pretty colors for all passerbys…


on to the next house here is more color mingling with perennial magic…


This winds up the day…

Home Sweet Homes!

Version 2

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This has been an abundant year of gardening!

Planted in 27 gardens; 12 on-going and seasonal update clients.

14 New Clients!

Each project is all ways, always unique to the spaces and clients that employ me.

As I tackle only one project at a time,

As I strive to focus my creative energy collaborating with my clients who live in these spaces; prioritize the customer service philosophy to complete each project in a timely manner.

The recent wonderful rains we have been receiving these last few months is a tremendous asset to the parched earth especially for our thirsty, dehydrated trees.

We traveled as far South to Campbell, North to San Mateo with Redwood City, San Carlos, Los Altos, Palo Alto and Menlo Park closer to home!  I am honored to have such thoughtful clients trusting me with their slices of earth.

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Container Additions Right at Home!

“Eye of The Day” Large Rectangular ‘Delos’ containers were added recently;brought on site to add impact, structure and curb appeal interest for the visible front entrance to update an established, overgrown, and now out of proportion to walkway with an existing boxwood border encroaching on the narrow brick path.

A Win Win when combined with interior views peering out each of the 4 windows from living room and dining room vistas, with the beautiful seasonal flowers at window level peering from both directions.

The actual pattern on these Georgian style-home entrance pillars of this Inviting Spaces By Kim ongoing clients are complimenting the pattern using the ‘Delos’ containers.  Very complimentary in combining the pattern on each pillar, replicating with the pillars and the ‘Delos’ containers.

Their juxtaposition fits in such now looking right at home img_4108as if always been here.

Here shall these ‘Delos’ containers remain aesthetically stunning for so many seasons to come!

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Quaint Gains Dramatic Curb Appeal for Neighborhood & Much More!

DSCN4656Summer 2016:Perennial Gardens Meet Outdoor Living & Farming For This Homeowner

The time has come with the interior fully updated, to focus on the exterior.

No space left behind here on this exterior makeover in Menlo Park!

Front, Backyard & Side Yards- Each Low water, Each Low Maintenance, Perennial based drought tolerant curb appeal and inviting for their friends and family to relax and enjoy these hand crafted consciously prepared cooked meals alfresco dining.

Request by client for me to create more distinct vistas from interior window views while practicality outside adding privacy from neighbors on 3 separate sides.

Factoring into planting design color scheme and plant selections is their clear message for minimalist their preferred style.

Creatively Adding Old World charming water feature fountain is soothing just looking at it. The colorful plantings by day and relaxing sounds are effective. In the evening, with blue and red colored low voltage lighting changing the tone and mood in subtle yet soothing complimenting plantings nearby. Subtle and stunning.

Additionally the crew updated new uses of a large underutilized backyard long ago was all grass and trees.

Welcome Home For Many Seasons to Come Home For Generations to Come


Perennial Gardens Meet Outdoor Living!

Outdoor Farm & BBQ Area Updated Combining Storage

Fire pit Area in progress. Gas line installed and adding the Fire pit when homeowner is ready.DSCN4633

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Abundant & Magical Mother Nature

The magic of Mother Nature is abundant here in the amazing growth in 6 weeks since completion. Last Friday, I was treated to an invitation to see all in person.

Photos do not do this project justice!


Karin is now considering adding a step stool to reach some of her future edible crops!

The Counter Height Custom Raised Boxes are proving to be perfect for planting, tending, harvesting!

The additional gift to receive as the “visionary creator” was the recipient of the most scrumptious tasting cucumber and blueberries I have truly ever tasted.

To harvest here is food for the soul and fuels our grateful hearts to appreciate the slices of earth’s impressive bounty.

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