A Peek At Pure Charm and Personality!

From the moment I arrived upon this charming home in downtown Palo Alto I was entranced by this entrance.

Once I opened the gate, I was enclosed in this lovely, inviting area to Margo’s garden.

I was invited today to come to assess my clients needs for my consulting with her property.

Over grown trees that now had blocked too much of the view from interior vistas.

Discuss a few areas in the front yard where the plants were “a little tired” as I have been known to say.

Would and could be improved with a more structured plant letting this one section of lavender known it has served its inherent beauty for as long as it did before too woody and out of proportion.

In the back yard rests a lovely magnolia tree and a charming view from the kitchen sink of the espailied apples along the fence and herbs mingled with gazanias that brightly accent the organic vista.

We met and in the two hours time together, created a long list of options for plants for areas in the existing perimeters and suggestions for exchanging the tired plantings with layering seasonally plantings to create an all year round garden.

This space has such wonderful personality as is – a fabulously great energy whereever the eye lands with harmony in accents mirroring the colors in the flowers surrounding vistas.

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