Stunning Details with Individual Dahlias

Looking no further than right here

You can see my home garden specializes in creating an oasis with many outdoor rooms. Also I am using various spaces for testing certain colors together by trying out color schemes and different styles of plants which I like to experiment first at home before planting for my clients.

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In this blog entry I am featuring one dahlia in a simple vase arrangement placing it in a specific part of the garden. Where it is in harmony with the surrounding colors of flowers, fabric on pillows or other nice decorations.

The mildew on their leaves is far from hinting it is time for me to chop them out — because I still absolutely love the color of these individual precious dahlias and can see beyond their slight imperfections.

There is evidence that with the last of the warmer days pushing the heights to all time highs like the thermometers on the past week gauge, the garden has competition and individual plants are “taking over” any available space. Free space in any of these beds along the back areas is almost non existent.  But this is a good option to keep the weeds from moving in and fall will mean less weeding to do!

Some of these newbies have taken my Survival of the fitness to new heights!

They are growing with a vengeance!

Stalking one window view on a side of the cottage and growing over 8 feet tall. A bit over powering besides blocking my vista from looking out while in my office. Soon the pruners will reduce this plant to shorter height with a desired compromise.


Gearing up for winter when the garden bundles up and gets ready for sleep. Then showing off the bones of the garden and gorgeous shrubs and tree barks when they take a turn to be center stage in the coming months.

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3 Responses to Stunning Details with Individual Dahlias

  1. Inspired and pretty says:

    Hi Kim ! I really enjoyed this post, I love dahlias ! I don’t have any but I’m planning on buying a few this summer. Your garden is beautiful and I like the idea of placing dahlias in harmony with the colours of fabric.
    I love your blog, there’s so much photos of beautiful flowers in it !
    Have a nice day !

    • Kim says:

      Dear Jocelyne,
      Thank you for the sweet words regarding my dahlias and my garden photos. OH I LOVE dahlias! They are my favorite on a long list of other wonderful pretty petals I grow and play with regularly at home or in clients gardens.

      I checked out your blog and adore your style pictures in vintage objects and scenes with your belongings inspiring you. Thank you for posting today! ehugs

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